Covid Vaccine 1 – DH

So I decided to write about my DH’s experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine.  Quick takeaway:  He has had a couple TIAs, a “roto-rooter” surgery on each carotid artery, heart attack, prostate cancer…

He had been waffling back and forth about even getting the vaccine.  Finally, a young woman from church signed him up, so he decided to follow through.  She is signing up all the eligible people she knows from our church.

He had the Pfizer vaccine on Saturday, February 27, 2021 at a different location than mine – I was actually surprised how much more efficient mine was than his.  I had assumed that they would be about the same. 

My CVS experience:

When I got to CVS, I found that everything was very well run.

I got a text from CVS asking me to click a link when I arrived at 3:30 and it gave me directions on where to go.

I was met by someone at door who checked my name – I showed him my phone screen – he showed me where to walk following arrows on floor.  Then I was met by so someone who checked my name and he asked if I had done the texting thing (yes!).

There were 4 people ahead of me that I could see.  It went very fast.  I was in the little room within less than 10 minutes.

The nurse asked if left arm was ok to use.

She told me to treat the little quarantine form like gold.  Take a picture on my phone, just in case.  Maybe laminate after second shot.  Keep it with passport.

She said that old folks (like me!) didn’t have as many issues after second shot.

The shot was very fast – I never felt it.

The nurse said if I get a headache, take Tylenol only.  I said that was all I could take anyway because I have only one kidney.

I sat in the waiting area for 15 minutes to be sure there were no problems  There were about 10 or so people sitting around the store that I could see at various stages of their 15 minutes.

We arrived for DH’s shot about 5 minutes early – There was no indication outside the store, or on any of the doors, that even said that this place offered injections.  When we got inside, nothing.  We guessed that it would be at the pharmacy, in the back.  Next to the pharmacy was a Quest, like Quest Diagnostics, I thought.  DH went in there and was told to check in at the pharmacy.  He waited behind people filling prescriptions and asking questions about them.  Finally, they took his check-in form and they gave him a ticket for the shot.  Then, back in the Quest room.

While he was waiting, I talked to a woman who had just gotten her vaccine. She had no idea how long to wait – unlike CVS where all the chairs had attached timers and someone checking on you and telling when you could leave.

When DH came out (he didn’t wait at all!), he didn’t have a second appointment.  The CVS version, I signed up for both before the first injection.  We were walking up the aisle and he’d lost his card already.  We went back to Quest and he found it.  It’s not in a special pocket of his wallet.

As a special treat, we ate out at an old favorite restaurant of ours, where we hadn’t been in nearly a year.  We used to eat there almost every Friday night – and they remembered us!

Later that night he was thinking about it – and got a little headache.  Meanwhile, our young friend secured his second appointment.

Like me, he was fine the next day but the third day (today) fatigue set in.


Low-dose Steroids Relieve Sore Throat Pain

I sure wish I knew this when I had a major sore throat for the last 2 weeks.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A single low dose of corticosteroids speeds pain relief in patients who have sore throat, without serious adverse effects, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis published in The BMJ along with parallel clinical practice guidelines.

“The relative effects were similar across severities, though patients with less severe throat had less absolute benefit with corticosteroids,” Dr. Behnam Sadeghirad of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and colleagues write in their September 20 report. “The balance of benefits and harms therefore almost certainly depends on the severity of the patient’s sore throat.”…


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Are there any advantages to human growth hormone?

Harvard Men’s Health Watch

Ask the doctor

Q. I’ve heard about the benefits of human growth hormone (HGH) for older individuals. Is this something I should try?

A. The benefits of HGH supplementation for older adults are unproven, and perhaps most telling is that these products have a negligible effect on HGH levels. In addition, there are concerns about potential side effects.

HGH comes in two forms: injections and pills. Since HGH injections are difficult to administer, pills are often preferred. Yet, these supplements do not actually contain HGH like injections do, because the hormone would quickly break down in the digestive tract. Instead, they contain amino acids that are absorbed by the body, which raises HGH levels. (They are also more expensive and can cost $100-plus for a month’s supply.)

HGH levels naturally decline as people age, which makes sense since our bodies stop growing during the late teenage years. So why would you need higher HGH levels later in life? The hype around HGH comes from a few studies that showed HGH injections can increase lean body mass and shrink body fat, which led to claims of HGH as an “anti-aging” hormone. However, the effects on strength and body weight are quite minimal. In addition, HGH can increase the amount of soft tissues in the body, which can lead to swelling, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and breast tenderness in men.

There is also a concern that HGH might promote cancer growth. (MaryO’Note:  I always mentioned this to doctors when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  Even though I couldn’t take HGH for the first 5 years after diagnosis, none of my doctors would confirm a connection between HGH and my cancer)

If you want to improve your strength, forget about HGH and increase your exercise. Some studies suggest this alone may be more effective than HGH supplementation for raising growth hormone levels in the body.

—William Kormos, MD
Editor in Chief, Harvard Men’s Health Watch

Originally published: July 2016

Adapted from

Why 6 Seconds of Exercise Can Be as Worthwhile as 90 Minutes – ABC News


6 Seconds

For seniors, every second of exercise counts.

In a new Scottish study, retirement-age subjects were asked to do six six-second sprints on a stationary bicycle with one minute of rest in between. After six weeks, their blood pressure dropped by a respectable 9 percent.

It’s possible these results might translate to younger folks, said Michele Olson, an exercise science professor and researcher at Auburn University in Alabama.

“Even a little activity can increase the efficiency of your heart and lead to more energy overall, no matter what your age,” she said.

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