Bee’s Knees and (Rose) Hips

Original Bee’s Knees  I have been dealing with this *stuff* for almost 11 years now. I was finally approved for Orthovisic and my first injection of 3 was on March 2, 2022.

Since April 2, 2022 it seems like things have gotten worse again.

Fortunately, I got back into a water exercise class, not at my “favorite pool” but it’s still good.

My knee has been waking me up again, though and it’s hard to walk. Since Sunday, October 30, 2022, I’ve had sciatica too – at least it’s on the same leg. I have a message in to my doctor. This pain is driving me nuts. I can’t sleep, I can’t stand, I can’t walk. I haven’t been to the pool or the hot tub in over a week.

I finally have an appointment tomorrow (11/30/2022) with a new orthopedic doctor. Hopefully, there will be good, or better, news after the doctor appointment.

Hopefully soon…

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