Bee’s Knees – A New Chapter Continues!

Original Bee’s Knees  I have been dealing with this *stuff* for 9 years now. I was finally approved for Orthovisic and my first injection of 3 was on March 2, 2022.

How it went from Wednesday, March 2, 2022 when I got my first Orthovisc injection through March 30 with my GP-type doctor.  He watched how I walked and determined that my knee is swollen all around and performed Arthrocentesis (knee drain).

He said “Visibly swollen with protuberance in posterior fossa. Not warm to touch. Ballotable patella.

See aspiration note below: lateral subpatellar approach enabled withdrawal of 5cc straw colored clear fluid. 40mg kenelog + 4cc lidocaine injected easily. Substantial pain relief afterward and gait improved.

Read that post here.

March 30 after I got home from the doctor. First thing, I sent a note to my piano students cancelling lessons for today, then took a short nap and posted my blog post.  There was still pain so about 7, I had some wine.  It’s been a long time but I hoped it dulls the pain some.

9:45, put on an ice pack we had in the freezer already

midnight, bedtime – trouble running to the toilet.

March 31. I slept until 6:30. Not much pain when I woke up.

Thursday March 31 – woke up and was able to stand without a lot of pain.  Slept 5 hours, 16 minutes or 66% of needed sleep time.

went into work – about 2 something suddenly felt painful so I put on the brace again.  I am here until 9 pm tonight.

About 6, my knee started hurting more – I had rehearsals at 7 and 7:30.  During the second rehearsal, there were tornado and thunderstorm warnings and my knee got a lot worse.  I was able to put my leg up on a chair.  When I got home at 9:30, I iced it some more.

Friday, April 1, woke up and was able to stand without a lot of pain.  Slept 6 hours, 4 minutes or 76% of needed time.  Today is a “day off” so I hope to nap this afternoon.

As of 11:30 am, no brace yet.

about 5:40 or so, my knee started hurting under the patella.  The bandage came off and the area is looking a little reddish (to me) but it’s hard to tell.  I did get a nap, so I’ve now slept 6 hours, 38 minutes or 83%.  The new gel ring came and is in the freezer for a little later tonight.

I tried the new gel ring – said it “rolled on” which was great.  Unfortunately, it also rolled off when standing up.

Saturday, April 2

Hopefully soon…

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