Testing Vitamin B3

I recently read an article that said “Studies show that high-risk skin cancer patients given 500mg of Vitamin B3 twice a day for a year experienced a 23 percent reduction of new non-melanoma skin cancers, 20 percent reduction in basal cell carcinomas and 30 percent reduction in squamous cell carcinomas.

Vitamin B3 in the nicotinamide form helps replenish cellular energy and repair damaged DNA. It’s contained in foods like meats, fish, eggs, cereals, milk, nuts and legumes, but, for skin cancer patients, the amounts in these foods are too low to provide therapeutic doses. Multivitamins also do not contain enough Vitamin B3 for those at risk of skin cancer.

Since I just had Mohs surgery for squamous cell carcinoma, I immediately went to amazon to search for nicotinamide. Not surprisingly, they had 475 results. I chose the cheapest one at $.05 and will give it a try. I figure a dime is worth it to maybe avoid another bout of skin cancer.

Hopefully, there will be nothing to report in the new cancer category!

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