Bee’s Knees, Continued



My left knee is still bothering me, even after doing Physical Therapy since January. <sigh>
It seems to get better, then something happens and it’s back to pain again.  When we were on a trip to New York a month ago, we walked a lot and climbed so many stairs, I had to buy a new brace.
Today is supposed to be my final PT but I don’t think I’m ready.
When this clinical trial came to my email, I just went through the whole survey for this but there was no doctor nearby:
Osteoarthritis Research Studies. Knee and hip arthritis studies enrolling now. No-cost medication.
We’ll see what the next step is (so to speak!)

12 responses to “Bee’s Knees, Continued

    • Thanks for asking, Jean

      I told them about how I hurt more after PT than in real life, so I’m taking a 6 week hiatus. I have exercises to do that they gave me, so we’ll see if I can/will do that at home.

      I have instructions to call/email if I get into any trouble of if my knee gets worse and an appointment for the end of the 6 weeks to see how things are going and what happens after that.

      So…basically, we’ll see if I can heal myself LOL

      I sure hope so because I hated coming home from 2 hours of PT and having to take Vicodin to make it through the night.

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